Month: July 2012

Congressional Chorus singing ‘Dreams’ ….enjoy

‘Dreams’ is a set of three songs set to Langston Hughes poetry, ‘The Dream Keeper’, ‘Dreams’, and ‘Youth’.  I was commissioned by the congressional chorus to write it for them.  And it came off really well.  Here’s some more info on ‘Dreams’.


is a set of three songs set to Langston Hughes poetry. I picked the poems ‘The Dream Keeper,’ ‘Dreams,’ and ‘Youth,’ to be put in one set, because they all have an inspirational vibe to them. I saw these poems as all-encompassing works, that could speak especially to young people.  ‘The Dream Keeper,’ tells people that they should protect their dreams from the world, which can be rough at times.  ‘Dreams’, tells people to hold on to their dreams, because without dreams, life is meaningless.  ‘Youth’ encourages people to move forward to the future.

Creative Info

Interestingly, the music ended up sounding this way after a long process of writing it out in different styles, and editing.  The first notes I wrote of this were Maya’s opening notes on the 2nd song, ‘Hold fast to Dreams.’  I wrote out that main theme, and eventually put it away. I then went on to writing in an edgier, experimental, and 20th century classical style. I showed that version to Mr. Simmons, and he seemed skeptical about it at first…but when I showed him the sketch I originally wrote for ‘Hold Fast to Dreams’…he immediately said: ‘Stop! That is beautiful! That’s what I’m looking for!’  And the rest as they say is history…the music ended up being what you’re hearing now.