Month: November 2012


I have a new band! It’s a pop music band and it consists of an electric bass player, electric guitar player, a drummer/percussionist, keyboard, and vocals. We are now working on original music I’ve written, and will also be performing cover songs. The genre of the band and the music I’m producing is pop music, with influences ranging from r&b, dance, rock, and latin music. I have yet to come up with a name for the band, but more of that to come!

The musicians are students from the Eastman School of Music/University of Rochester. Band rehearsals first started with just me and the electric bass player, and as time went along, each rehearsal, we had new players. I was introduced to the bass player by Professor John Covach, a professor of the music department, and the new Audio & Music Engineering school at the University of Rochester. He talked to me about the importance of recording my music, and having other players play my music.

An Audio & Music Engineering major has agreed to produce my debut single, ‘Complete’, due out December 2012, and my debut album, due out May 2013!

Updates!!!…after a long time!

Hey guys!

So a LOT has happened since the last time I updated this site, and I plan to update my site more often from now on.  But to keep things short and simple, here are a few of the things that have been happening in my life!:

1. I am now in THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER YELLOWJACKETS A CAPPELLA GROUP!!! I auditioned this past August and was accepted into the group, and it has been really fun since then! I have been singing tenor 1, solo’s here and there, and I am planning to start arranging for the group soon! We recently had a Fall Show on November 10th, in Strong Auditorium at the University of Rochester, which was a HUGE success! It was a packed house, and our theme was the AMAZING AVENGERS RISES!…..(cool title, right?!)…..each one of us was a different superhero, and I was THOR.

Here’s an ad poster:

Amazing Avengers Rises


And here’s a review from the Campus Times Newspaper…though I don’t agree with all of the reviews given, I think there were some good moments in the article: