Month: December 2014

JChris photoshoot done by JusPose Photography (Justin Fulwood)

Hey guys! Here is a link to all the pictures of a photoshoot I did recently!

The photos were taken by JusPose Photography (Justin Fulwood). If you ever need a swaggy photoshoot, call him! The link to his website is below:

Shoutout to my man Justin Fulwood (JusPose Photography) for the awesome photoshoot!
Shoutout to my man Justin Fulwood (JusPose Photography) for the awesome photoshoot!



Demos of 2 Tracks I made in Spanish, and 1 in English,Portuguese, Spanish…not enough languages right?

Hey! Here are some demos of some tracks I did recently. I getting them produced for a soon to come EP release.

The two tracks in Spanish are 1) “Vamos a Volver”, a romantic ballad, and the Spanish version of “Those Times” from the ‘Stranded’ EP. 2) “Perder Todo El Control”, a latin dance track. I actually did a recent collaboration with Jai Marlon on this track, another MD native. More of that to come! 3) “A Copa (Manda Ver!)”, a celebratory track in 3 languages singing of the World Cup this past summer 2014. However, the lyrics have been modified to another version, post-World Cup. That will be released in the upcoming EP! Please like and share!!

1. ‘Vamos a Volver (a Tu y Yo)’

2. ‘Perder Todo el Control’

3. A Copa (Manda Ver!)

‘Stranded’ EP Release

Hey guys! Here are 5 new tracks I recorded with my band this year, in Rochester, NY. The EP is called ‘Stranded’, inspired by the time I was stranded in Pennsylvania because my car had broken down on my way to school last year. There are 4 original songs and one cover. Please like and share! Enjoy!

1. ‘All The Way‘ 

Promo Videos of Originals & Covers

Whats up everybody! For the past 2-3 months. I have been posting videos of me singing & playing my songs and occasional covers, on a regular basis. It has received great response. Also, my videos and sound tracks have been shared by other artists in the field. Here is the link to my YouTube channel! Please like and share!